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CrossFit Classes

CrossFit classes are a group setting where athletes work side by side to achieve success at their pace and scale. The class incorporates functional movements to improve activities of daily living. These exercises will utilize cardiovascular training, weightlifting, body weight, and a full range of motion movements. We utilize Mayhem Affiliate programming for all classes to ensure quality programming to match our quality coaching.

Open Gym

Open gym is free time where an athlete can improve on technique, cardio, weightlift, stretch, or focus on any improvement that will benefit the athlete.


Our Community WOD welcomes the whole gym community, from experienced athletes to prospective members looking to try out a CrossFit class. We will gear these WOD's more toward partner/ team workouts to get everyone involved. * Non-members: Please show up 15 minutes before class so a coach can get you signed up.

Body Armor 

Body Armor Club is a class where an athlete wears a Weighted Vest. This is an intermediate to advance level class with basic levels of strength required. Athletes should be familiar with CrossFit movements. The goal of this class is to provide a challenging, intense workout to improve athletes work capacity.

Individualized Programming

Individualized Programming either on-site at CrossFit SDA or remote. Rates vary, contact us for more information.


Call to schedule your free movement screening

Private Sessions

One on one programming tailored to your needs. Rates vary, contact us for more information.


Call to schedule your free movement screening.

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